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hong kong hypocrisy

Independent Police Complaints Council (IPCC)

This website was created to document the hypocrisy of IPCC. It shows the true color of IPCC. They are hypocrites, incompetent and have no integrity.

I filed a complaint with IPCC that Complaints Against Police Office (CAPO) committed misconduct of not allowing me to lodge a formal (reportable) complaint against the Hong Kong Police. The followings are my correspondence with IPCC:

IPCC Emails (click to see details)

IPCC would not investigate my complaint against CAPO. No explanations have been given. Not giving any explanations and have us accept the decision is definitely unacceptable. In so doing, IPCC neglect the Functions Of IPCC mandated to them.

On April 12, 2016 I contacted the Chairman of IPCC, Mr. Larry Kwok for explanations:

Emails with IPCC Chairman(click to see details)

Mr. Larry Kwok has not given me any reply yet as of today.

My complaint against CAPO is legitimate.

Yet IPCC dismiss my complaint with NO explanations. They protect CAPO.

Are IPCC really Indpendent from the Police (CAPO)?
Do they have any competent staff?

A more appropiate name:
Incompetent Police Complaints Council (IPCC)
suits them well!

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